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Ruth Taylor:

My name is Ruth Taylor and I am a second year Multimedia Journalism student from the University of Northampton. I grew up in Biringham where i developed my love for writing. I have always loved to read and would often right my own endings to books if I didnt like the one in the book!

I am an award winning photographer so was really excited to get given a project such as this as I can include both my photography and writing!

I really hope to make an informative and interactive website that people really enjoy and want to keep coming back to! I’d love to hear feedback, comments and questions you have so make sure you get in contact!

Lucy Holmes:

Hello, I’m Lucy Holmes. A Rugby girl who studies Multimedia Journalism at The University of Northampton. I have a fond interest in writing and beauty so what a way to combine them both.

I’m a family person who loves to read and explore interesting places. My goal in life is to succeed in the world of Journalism.

I hope this website helps you to find Northamptonshire beauty offers, hotspots, events, trends and much more. Feel free to contact me with anything beauty related.

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