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Northampton’s beauty industry compared to South Africa’s beauty industry.

South African born student, Miriam Kimvangu, shares her thoughts on Northampton’s Beauty Industry compared to her home country.

From cultural influences, a lack of variety and the controversial trend, skin lightening, Miriam spills her opinions on all.

Miriam Kimvangu

She says: “Northampton does have some hidden gems however South Africa allows you to be whatever you want to be”.

To hear the full interview click below. 


Shades of Beauty

Shades is a beautiful salon located on Gold street in Northampton.

It is an award winning salon that has been open for 9 years, reaching up to 700 customers in just one month.

The reason its so popular? The talented people and great deals.

The “guests” at the salon are always welcomed straight away at the door, being offered tea and coffee as soon as you enter. Its a very hospitable entrance which instantly puts you at ease.

The aim of the salon is to get you to feel like a celebrity when you leave, which can be easily done as they offer everything from makeup, hair, eyebrow shaping/tint and eyelash extensions and tints.

Its one of the only salons in Northampton that offers all these services with trained professionals under one roof. The main women that runs the salon is also trained in English, Arab and and Asian meaning it can feel like home for a huge range of people.

The owners of the shop are truly amazing, never letting anything get them down. Sahli and his with Zarka have worked in the industry for years and have been running the Northampton store for the last 9 years. Remarkably, in this time, some prices have never changed such as the eyebrow threading/waxing which has cost £5 since the day they opened.

The couples motto for life is to start every-day with the same enthusiasm as the day they first opened the store and that if you treat life like a bouncy ball, the harder you get thrown down the higher you bounce back up. The key to success.

Some of the amazing offers include student discount, treat Tuesday and a special loyalty card.

If you show your student ID on entry, you can get 30% off anything in store, which being a student, can make a huge difference!

If you aren’t a student, then you can opt for the treat Tuesday offer which means that all Tuesday you can get 30% off your hair and beauty needs!

After you first appointment, you can ask for a loyalty card. This means that after you visit the salon 5 times, no matter what for, you can recieve £5 off your 6th trip!

All these offers can save you loads of money when it comes to your beauty needs so its definitely worth it but make sure you book online to ensure you get a space!

In the future, the store is planning on expanding its horizons into teaching the art of hair and beauty, rather than just providing it to guests.

This means there is a whole new opportunity for students to get involved in the industry and push themselves into the future of hair and beauty

Make sure you book your appointments now and keep an eye open for any future offers at

All images copyright to Shades Hair and Beauty

10 Beauty Trends predicted to be big in 2020

The top 10 beauty trends you will see in 2020. 

1 – Gemstone Eyes – Crystals or stick-on rhinestones on you eyelids.

2 – Crystal Nails – Delicately placed crystals along the tip of your nails.

3- Knotted Headbands.

4 – Pastel Eye-shadow.

5 – Pearl-adorned Braids – pearls woven into braids.

6 – Micro French Mains – French manicures.

7 – Hair Clips.

8 – Blush Pink Makeup

9 – Space Tattoos

10 – Twilighting – The latest hair technique. Brunette hair with warm golden undertones.

Reiki & Hopi Ear Candle Event

Northamptonshire’s Hayley’s Home Beauty is set to host a Reiki & Hopi Ear Candle tester evening this month. 

Hayley Redding (owner of Hayley’s Home Beauty) is welcoming Holistic Therapist, Kerry Lou, who will be providing Reiki sessions, for £10, and Hopi Ear Candles, for £10, to clients on the night. 

The event is taking place on Saturday 25 January from 4pm until 8pm however the end time could alter dependant on client numbers.

Reiki & Hopi Ear Candle taster event is being held this month in Northamptonshire.

Kerry Lou describes Reiki as a “healing technique using chakras and energy exchange which is great for improving mental health, overcoming anxiety, overcoming emotional blockages and supporting sleep as well as promoting physical health too.” 

Where as she says “Hopi Ear Candles is a relaxing 20 minute treatment which helps to relieve sinus issues, improve ear health, improve hearing and to reduce headaches. 

Both treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and positive. 

Hayley Redding is a beauty therapist who manages Hayley’s Home Beauty from her renovated home salon in Denton, Northamptonshire. The home based beauty salon offers treatments such as Pedicures, Waxing, Facials, Microneedling and much more.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up
Nails from Hayley’s Home Beauty.

Any treatments booked with Hayley on the event night will receive 10% off. 

Also if you recommend a friend to Hayley’s Home Beauty both of you will receive 10% off any treatments.

Image may contain: plant
Hayley’s Home Beauty offers 10% off for you and a friend.

For more information about the event go to –

Horror Beauty Hell

Everybody has had a TRAGIC experience at a beauty salon right? From dodgy haircuts, to slanted eyebrows, streaky tans and clumpy eyelashes. 

There’s nothing worse than being horrified by a treatment that was meant to make you feel amazing!

Beauty disasters causing terror.

Beauty salons are meant to be the ultimate place of comfort and relaxation, not NIGHTMARES! Places where people escape to, not avoid. 

Click on the link below to see some truly terrifying beauty horror stories.

The people of Northamptonshire are no different either. Local Northamptions have also experienced some FRIGHTENING beauty disasters which have put them off for life! From nails hanging on by a thread, eyebrows being waxed completely off, hair highlights causing major damage and even being offensively spoken about by the staff, in a different language.

The people of Northampton tell us about their beauty horror stories…Dont get nightmares!— R&Lbeauty (@LbeautyR) 7 January 2020

Finding the right salon for you is crucial as you have put your entire trust in their hands. 

Top tips to avoid beauty DISASTERS include research on the salon and beauticians beforehand, to make sure previous incidents haven’t occurred before, and to understand the risks of the treatment you are getting done. To find out more tips go to –

Hair disasters are a popular one.

R&L Beauty aims to stop beauty horror stories happening as we aim to guide you to the best beauty salons in Northants! Our reviews and articles are a great way to find out more about local beauty businesses and to stop local people suffering beauty disasters. To find the best local beauty hot-spots go to –

Northants Beauty Hot-spots

We’ve done our research. We’ve explore the internet and high street. We’ve come up with our top beauty hot-spots for you!

These are all high end salons offering great prices and deals just for you.

They are all located in the town centre within a short walking distance of each other.

Make sure you check out their websites before you book to find the perfect salon for you!


Festive bestie deal.

Northampton based mobile beautician, Chelsea Muny, is offering Russian Volume Lashes, for you and a friend, for only £55. 

The bring a friend deal usually costs £70 so grab yourself a bargain whilst you can. 

Festive bestie deal at Muny Lash Bar.

The deal also includes Chelsea’s travel to your front door. 

A £10 deposit is required before you book.

Eyelash extensions at Muny Lash Bar.

To get this offer you must be based in Northampton and you and your ‘bestie’ must redeem the deal on the same day.

For more information go to

Find out the number 1 rated beauty salon in Northamptonshire!

The BEST Northamptonshire beauty salon has been awarded to the ‘Kolaine Beauty Lounge’. 

After receiving the most votes in the prestigious MUDDY STILETTOS AWARDS 2019, the Kettering based salon was given the crown.

The team outside the Kolaine Beauty Lounge –

Kolaine Beauty Lounge delivers all salon services and cosmetic procedures, by an experienced and highly qualified team who are known to offer a variety of bespoke beauty treatments.

Makeup specialists in the salon –

With a total of 63 treatments available there really is a wide range to choose from. LVL lashes, Nail services, Spray tanning and much more. 

To find the full list of their services go to –

Salon owner, Kolaine Waterfield said: “For me and my team winning the muddy Stilettos’s award was really a benchmark moment for us to celebrate how amazing the last 4 years in business have been. 

“We have worked so hard and care so much about our reputation and the standards we maintain and above all else providing a top notch experience for our customers and the community.

Eyelash treatments available at the Beauty Lounge-

“I have worked hard to standardise the quality of treatments throughout the salon and have invested a lot of time into education and development within my team.

We’re on a roll and 2020 is going to be our best year ever with the Training Academy and Electrolysis and Advanced Cosmetic procedures clinic becoming a consistent part of our business development plus’s new and innovative treatments.”

Luxury facial, great for a pamper –

The salon has also been recognised nationally as they were a finalist in the English Hair & Beauty AWARDS 2019 and a semi finalist in 2016 Babtac & Cibtac AWARDS. 

The Kolaine Beauty Lounge also has a membership scheme in which customers are allowed to sign up, with no cost, to keep updated with salon news, offers and events. To become a member go to –

Eyelash extensions –

For more information about the Kolaine Beauty lounge visit –